ABC group and some artists from ABC gallery in XL Gallery (Moscow)
2 March - 15 March 2007 (during 2d Moscow Biennale)

Art Business Consulting group
Olya Bozhko
Volodya Ivanchuk
Mike Kosolapov
Olya Lyalina
Petya Filippov
Stas Shuripa

Catalogue: abc-etc-2-to-pdf.pdf (1.17 Mb), with text for works and interview with artists of Art Business Consulting group.


Art life in Moscow is quite intensive: every week there's a new opening or two, we hear new names. However the feeling is that we still lack young and interesting artists. Preparations to nay big event - like Biennale or an important group show - turn into curators hysterical runaround. Usually the race is closing up with the shuffle of the already known names, in the new, sometimes innovative combinations.

Events pass and go but the approach is the same, until the next draw.
In the meantime there's a lot of interesting artists in Moscow and as a rule they are all around. Everybody who's not indifferent to the art process knows them, but it happens somehow that their names don't pop up in the important moments, or the idea to work with these artists just doesn't cross one's mind.

Art Business Consulting (Maxim Iliukhin, Mikhail Kosolapov, Natasha Struchkova) has been working as a group since 2000. All of them graduated from the first and the most interesting class of The New Art Strategies school. At that time the Russia's economy was going through the radical change, so many of the students had to combine art practice with regular job, mostly of office type. Many students have worked in the office, but only these three found the optimal balance between art and reality. The office became their issue which they were working on. Each group member transforms, masters or repels the office thing with all the body of ideas and forms.

Basically the previous sentence should be in the past continuous. For each of them the metaphysics of the office is a theme so meticulously studied, that I find myself following it as if it was a detective thriller. They have opened the gallery-office ABC - to show projects by young artists, many of whom are quite far from the main office theme. Kosolapov-Iliukhin-Struchkova and the artists they work with are much more sophisticated than the declared theme. So while they didn't fully recognize it themselves, it's so interesting to show some of the best projects made and shown by ABC group. It's one of the most interesting things in Moscow contemporary scene.
And I'm happy that curators will definitely have a lot of work in the future.

Elena Selina

Art Business Consulting group: The Posters, The Cave, Work in Team, Shades, Photo Object On Legs.

Olya Bozhko . Rearrangement.

Volodya Ivanchuk. Show.

Mike Kosolapov. God's den.

Olya Lyalina. Newspapers.

Petya Filippov. SEQUENCES.

Stas Suripa. Dream. Plan of evacuation.