«Anual Report» in Hermitage (SPB)

State Hermitage Museum
International Education Center of the State Hermitage Museum. Saint Peterburg
National Center for Contemporary Art, St. Petersburg branch
Ñurators Marina Koldobskaya and Sofia Kudriavtseva.

Photo series «The Office», «Work In Team»
Objects «Flaten emploeyrs»
Objects «Shades» è «Photo object on legs»

Images prints by laser b/w printer A4 format and collect together for big size.
People iamges on plasticglass.

30 November - 10 December 2006
(2 December - master class)

Liflet: buklet.pdf
Poster: afisha.pdf

Room ¹1

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Room ¹2

Press-release for catalogue:
Art Business Consulting (to whom it may concern)

Moscow-based art group Art Business Consulting (ABC) has been established in 2001. In the six years of its existence, ABC has made a significant contribution to contemporary Russian art. In their works, ABC artists develop the image of the contemporary hero: an office dweller, business manager. The group thoroughly avoided social criticism, thus demonstrating basic principles of tolerance and humanism: understanding and giving hope to “small people” spending their whole lives in offices, instead of mocking at them. Office, which was first employed as an exhibition space, has developed, in ABC’s works, into a global metaphor of modern world.

The group pursues all types of artistic activity not prohibited by the laws of Russian Federation, including manufacturing of contemporary art objects, selling them to final customers, propaganda and advertising of contemporary art in its socially appropriate forms, organization of art exhibitions. As an art institution meeting challenges of modern life, ABC is based on principles of flexibility and project-oriented management. All activities, artistic, commercial or promotional, are naturally organized for the period of a project and cease after the project is finished. Practically, this means that ABC artists have no appointments or wages, and each worker is takes on responsibility for their specific project. Since 2003, ABC gallery/office works successfully within the premises of ArtStrelka art center. For almost two years of its existence, the gallery has opened over 20 exhibitions, participated in theatre performances, international festivals and fairs.

Each of the company’s founding artists is an active participant of contemporary art process, a notorious figure within contemporary art community. Maxim Iliukhin is a distinguished performance and video artist, Natalia Struchkova’s pixel painting is widely known in Russia and abroad, Mikhail Kosolapov’s sculptural objects decorate the streets of Russian cities and have success at international art fairs.

We be art .