«abc.etc» in Krinzinger Projekte (Vienna, Austria)

Group show of artists from ABC gallery in Krinzinger Projekte gallery .
Exhibition made with support and efforts of XL Gallery (Moscow),
and was showed there in winter during 2nd Moscow Biennale.

3 May - 23 June 2007

Art Business Consulting group
Olia Bozhko
Володя Volodia Ivanchuk
Mike Kosolapov
Ira Korina
Olia Lialina
Piter Filippov (aka MC Niti 11)
Stas Shuripa

Каталог выставки: abc-etc-2-to-pdf.pdf (1.17 Mb) расширенная верия, со статьями к проектам
и интервью с художниками группы Art Business Consulting. На русском и английском языке.

List of works :

Art Business Consulting group:
The Posters
(paper issue)+Flatten employees, Cave, 451°F, Прафоны, Фото-объект на ножках.

Olia Bozhko. Rearrangement.

Volodia Ivanchuk. Show.

Mike Kosolapov. God's den.

Ира Корина. Объект Nokia.

Olia Lialina. Newspapers.

Petia Filippov (aka MC_Niti11). SEQUENCES. и Stas Shuripa Dream. Plan of evacuation.

Images from opening: